RODLOK is the world’s first patented design Fishing Rod holder Storage and Transport System that allows anglers to use the same equipment for transporting fishing rods in their vehicles, as well as storing them on the wall in home or garage. Using the "quick-release" design built into our wall mounts, gives fisherman the option to instantly go from the wall to the vehicle. And from the vehicle back to the wall with ease.

High-Capacity Storage Solution:

The average fisherman owns well over 20 fishing rods. Our Fishing rod holder stores more rods than the competition. Why settle for a fishing rod holder that only stores 4, 8, or even 12 rods? When RODLOK fishing rod holder is fully extended, it can store over 20 fishing rods. Don’t let other fishing rod holders keep you from being great!

Fishing Rod Storage for Vehicles:

RODLOK fishing rod holder is a practical and efficient solution designed to safely transport your fishing rods while on the move. Whether you have a car, SUV, truck, or even a gold cart this holder easily attaches to the grab handles or clothing hooks in the interior of your vehicle, providing a secure and organized storage solution just above your head, leaving you all of your space below for your passengers, luggage, coolers, tackle, and much more. RODLOK Fishing Rod Storage and Transport solution for vehicles features adjustable bars and rod holder attachments to keep your rods in place, preventing any potential damage or tangling during transportation. With this convenient accessory, you can enjoy stress-free commuting on your fishing trips, knowing that your valuable fishing equipment is protected all the way to your favorite fishing destination.

Highest Quality Materials:

RODLOK is constructed with high-quality materials, including Stainless Steel, TPEE thermoplastic, and rubber components, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. In addition, RODLOK is capable storing a distributed weight up to 140 lbs. when installed into frame studs. Although RODLOK is an indoor product, it’s designed to withstand both extreme hot and cold weather conditions. It’s also designed to handle the impact of a fall if accidentally dropped.

Get Organized! Gardening/Yard working Tool Organizer for Garage:

Using this multipurpose fishing rod holder for garage organization for gardening tools is a brilliant way to maximize storage space and keep both your fishing and gardening gear organized. This versatile holder allows you to efficiently store and access not only your fishing rods but also various gardening tools such as shovels, rakes, hoes, brooms. By mounting the holder on the garage wall or ceiling, you can create a neat and tidy storage area for all your equipment.

Fishing Rod Storage for Home:

A practical and space-saving solution to keep your fishing rods organized and easily accessible while at home. RODLOK is designed to move from your vehicle and click into place at home using it’s included walls mounts, this storage solution securely holds multiple fishing rods in place, preventing them from getting tangled or damaged. It is an ideal storage option for anglers who want to display their fishing rods with pride or efficiently store them in their garage, fishing room, or any other indoor space. With a sturdy and reliable design, the fishing rod holder for wall ensures that your valuable fishing equipment remains in top condition and ready for your next fishing adventure. RODLOK can be installed on the ceiling or wall, vertical or horizontal. With RODLOK, your options are unlimited.

Clothing Hanging Rod:

Using a multipurpose fishing rod holder as a clothing rod for a car is a clever and convenient way to transform your vehicle into a makeshift wardrobe. By attaching the holder securely inside your car, you can hang clothes, jackets, or other garments with ease, creating a neat and accessible storage solution while on the go without the worry of them falling or getting wrinkled during travel. Whether you're going on a road trip, camping adventure, or simply need extra storage for clothes during your commute, this fishing rod holder turned clothing rod offers a practical and space-saving solution.

Trust RODLOK to keep your rods safe from impacts and slips


Passionate angler driven by innovation, shaping the future of fishing with RODLOK Fishing Rod Holder


Greetings, I'm Michael, and I'm eager to unveil the heartfelt tale behind our beloved brand, RODLOK. Fishing is not just a hobby for me; it's a passion that runs deep within my soul. If I could spend every day fishing, I would do it in a heartbeat. There's something magical about being surrounded by the calmness of the water, the soothing sounds of nature, and the exhilaration of reeling in a prized catch My love affair with fishing began when I was just a young child. My father would take me on fishing expeditions, and those precious moments spent together created a special bond between us . But it wasn't just my father who ignited my passion; summers with my grandparents amplified the thrill of fishing....

RODLOK Wall Mounts:

RODLOK’s patented designed system uses wall mounts that are capable of holding up to 140lbs. When it’s time to move the fishing rods from the wall to the vehicle, simply press the "Quick-Release" tabs on the wall mount instantly releases the RODLOK Bar Hook Ends from the wall.

RODLOK Adjustable Expandable Bar:

The RODLOK Stainless Steel Bar fully collapsed and expands from 36 inches to 60 inches. When fully expanded to 60 inches RODLOK can store over 20 fishing rods.

RODLOK Fishing Rod Holder Attachments:

The low profile Fishing Rod Holder Attachments hold the fishing rods snug and tight to the stainless steel bar giving the most head space clearance inside of the vehicle. The Fishing Rod Holders are designed to secure any style of fishing rod: Spinning, Baitcast, Conventional, and Fly Fishing rods. It will hold 1, 2, 3, and 4 piece rods to keep the protected from any damage. The rubber strap was also designed to be used to hold a variety of items for garage management and organization. The sky is the limit for what can be stored with RODLOK Transport and Storage Solution.

RODLOK End Hooks:

The End Hooks serve two purposes. 1. Allows you to use inside of your vehicle by resting on the grab handles or clothing hooks. 2. Attaching to the Wall Mounts for storing fishing rods at home.

Michael’s Vision

That experience as well as others come to mind when traveling in your vehicle with fishing rods: Fishing rods can take up a lot of space when needing to be mindful of what could fall on them and break them. They can be easily broken. You can store your rods outside of your vehicle of the front or roof, but your risk: The chance of them getting damaged by road debris or stolen when you need to stop and leave your vehicle for a bathroom break, stop in a restaurant, or pay for fuel.

This is what inspired me to come up with a solution that allows you to store your fishing rods inside your vehicle above your head close to the ceiling of your vehicle. This will allow you to have all of your space below to stack other items such as luggage, coolers, and many other items.


Discover the innovative RODLOK Fishing Rod Transport and Storage Solution that revolutionizes how you store and transport your fishing rods. Shop now to enjoy the ultimate convenience, protection, and organization for your valuable fishing gear. Elevate your fishing adventures with RODLOK!


RODLOK Fishing Rod Transport and Storage Solution User Guide

Congratulations on your purchase of the RODLOK Fishing Rod Transport and Storage Solution! This user guide will provide you with the necessary instructions to ensure optimal usage and satisfaction with your product. Please read through the guide carefully before proceeding.


Installation Options

Inside Vehicle:  You have two options for attaching RODLOK inside your vehicle – on the grab handles or the clothing hooks. Choose the option that best suits your vehicle’s interior layout. Refer to the accompanying pictures for visual guidance.

Wall-Mounted:  If you prefer to store your fishing rods in your garage or home, RODLOK can be easily mounted on the wall. Utilize the patented quick-release feature to effortlessly transition from wall-mounted storage to vehicle transport.

Vehicle Installation: a. Grab Handles: Locate the grab handles inside your vehicle’s interior, typically found above the doors. Place the RODLOK on the grab handles and ensure a secure fit. Or using the included Velcro straps to secure RODLOK from below the grab handles. b. Clothing Hooks: If your vehicle has designated clothing hooks, attach RODLOK to the hooks, ensuring a stable and secure connection.

Wall-Mounted Installation:  a. Choose an appropriate location on your garage or home wall for mounting RODLOK. Ensure it is easily accessible and provides enough space for your fishing rods. b. Use the provided hardware (screws, anchors, or other mounting accessories) to securely attach the RODLOK to the wall. Follow the included instructions for proper installation.


Inside Vehicle:  Gently place your fishing rods into the RODLOK Fishing Rod Holder Attachment, ensuring they are secure and positioned upright. Avoid any excessive force or pressure that may damage your rods.

Wall-Mounted: Hang your fishing rods on the RODLOK’s designated holders, utilizing the adjustable design to accommodate various rod quantities. Ensure each rod is properly seated and supported.

Additional Functionality:

Garage Organization:  Take advantage of RODLOK’s versatility by utilizing it as a garage management organizer. Store brooms, shovels, rakes, and other tools securely, keeping your garage tidy and easily accessible.

Clothing Rod Rack:  If you’re using RODLOK inside your vehicle, it can also serve as a convenient clothing rod rack. Hang your clothes on the RODLOK to keep them wrinkle-free and readily accessible during your journey.

Care and Maintenance:

  • Regularly inspect RODLOK for any signs of damage or wear. Replace any worn or damaged components promptly.
  • Clean the RODLOK using a mild detergent and water solution. Avoid using abrasive cleaners that may cause damage.

We hope this user guide helps you make the most of your RODLOK Fishing Rod Transport and Storage Solution. Should you have any further questions or require assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team. Happy fishing and enjoy the convenience and organization provided by RODLOK!


Why Our Clients Choose Us


I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of RODLOK. It is the best way to transport and store fishing rods hassle-free. The fishing rod racks and fishing rod roof rack are excellent additions. The smooth transaction and hassle-free delivery made it even better. I highly recommend RODLOK to others as it provides great value for money. It has exceeded my expectations and is a must-have for any angler.

Jessica Will

RODLOK has been a game-changer for me. As a woman who values organization, it provides the best way to store mops, brooms, and other items in my garage. Not only that, it also serves as a fishing rod rack, a car clothes hanger bar, and a garage organizer for shovels and rakes. It’s versatile, efficient, and has simplified my life.


I am an avid fisherman who loves to travel and explore different fishing spots. RODLOK has truly become my go-to companion on all my fishing adventures. This product is not only the best way to transport fishing rods securely, but it also provides excellent storage for them. The durability of RODLOK is remarkable, and its functionality is top-notch. Setting it up and using it is a breeze, and it has made my fishing trips so much more convenient. Whether I need a fishing rod rack or a fishing rod roof rack, RODLOK delivers. With its versatility and usefulness, RODLOK is the perfect travel companion for any angler. I highly recommend it to fellow fishing enthusiasts.

Dexter John

RODLOK has revolutionized the way I transport and store my fishing rods. As a young angler who loves to travel, having the best way to transport fishing rods is essential. RODLOK provides a secure and efficient solution for storing fishing rods, whether in my garage or on the go. Its fishing rod racks and fishing rod roof rack options are unbeatable. Plus, the hangers for the garage keep everything organized. RODLOK is the perfect travel companion for any fishing enthusiast, making my trips absolutely perfect.

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